Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Doug Figgs and I am a Western music singer/songwriter from Lemitar, NM. My musical influences include Country, Western, and Southern Rock. I can perform solo, as a duo with Mariam Funke, or as a trio (Doug Figgs, Jim Jones and Mariam) as "The Cowboy Way". I have 5 CDs currently available at the "Store" on this website. They are "Some of my favorites..." , a collection of some of my favorite cover songs, "All Because of You", a collection of Western/Americana songs mostly written or co-written by me, "Partners", a very well received album with 3 award winning songs, and the award winning Western album "A Cowboy Like Me". I'm very excited to announce that my newest CD, one I recorded with award winning singer/songwriter Mikki Daniel, is now available on this web site! The name of the album is "...thinkin' of you".

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    Check out "Ballad Hunter", a show produced by Jeff Posey! I am featured in episode 2 and you can see it on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8lMpV4m75s&t=300s


   2019 has been another great year! My song "I Make My Livin' in the Saddle" was named Best Western Song by the NM Music Awards! "The Cowboy Way" trio was once again awarded IWMA Group of the Year and the trio's album "Go West" was named Western Album of the Year!! Thank you very much NMMA, IWMA, and our growing number of friends and fans!!! 

  2018 has been a great year! The CD "...thinkin' of you" was awarded 2018 Best Country CD by the NM Music Awards, I was named 2018 International Western Music Association Male Performer of the Year, and "The Cowboy Way trio" took top honors as 2018 IWMA Group of the Year! A huge thank you to NMMA, IWMA, and all our friends and fans!!!

   I am thrilled to announce the release of our new CD, "...thinkin' of you" !!! It is an album I recorded with the very talented singer/songwriter Mikki Daniel. You can find it on the "Store" section of this web site!


    I was very pleased and honored to be awarded the New Mexico Music Awards 2017 best Western song for my song "A Cowboy Like Me"!!!


   "The Cowboy Way" (Jim Jones, Doug Figgs, Mariam) received the 2017 "Wrangler Award" for best traditional Western album for their debut CD "The Cowboy Way"!!!!!

   I am very honored to receive the Rural Roots Music Commission's 2016 "Traditional Western Music" CD of the year award for my CD "A Cowboy Like Me"! Thanks RRMC!!

   From the Summer 2016 issue of the Western Way Magazine, my CD "A Cowboy Like Me" is number one on the Western music charts of the top 30 Cowboy/Western Albums. My songs "A Cowboy Like Me" and "Old New Mexico Moon" are one and two of the 10 most played songs by Western Music DJs. Thanks to all the DJs who play my music! 

   I also now have a "Doug Figgs" music page on facebook and I invite you to "like" my page to get more info on upcoming events.