Thanks for stopping by. My name is Doug Figgs. I am a singer/songwriter from Lemitar,
NM. My musical influences
include cowboy, western, and country/rock. I can perform
solo, as a
duo, or with the dance band "The Cowboy Way". My first CD, "Some of my
favorites", is for sale on this web site and I am proud to say that my new CD, "All Because
of You", is finished and is now available for sale.


"News Flash"

  My latest CD is "All Because of You".
It has 11
new songs written by Doug or
Doug/Mariam plus a cover of the "Marshall
Tucker" song "Heard it in a Love Song".
It features MaryTempleton's flute on 3
songs, and Jaymie William's vocals on
"Dancing With Matilda". It is now available
for purchase on the "Store" page.
   I am very pleased to be a top 5 nominee

for the Western Music Association's 
"Crescendo Award" for 2013. It is an honor
to be on the same list as GT Hurley, Trinity
Seely, Naomi Bristow, and Mikki Daniel!
   I also now have a "Doug Figgs" facebook

page and I invite you to "like" my page to
get more info on upcoming events.